Thursday, 19 January 2012

A rambling thought

I was just reflecting after a day of sermon writing, about how unhelpful labels are, especially 'Churchmanship'. I started out thinking about how useless such labels were as they didn't tell nearly half the story - I went on to think how they didn't translate to other cultures (even where the common language spoken is all that divides)  - I then went on to think rather sadly about how often the label is used to damn someone because of their associations.

I remembered a Man who got crucified for associating with with Prostitutes and Tax Collectors - and how now we his followers anathematize those who either label themselves as or associate with 'Liberals' 'Evangelicals' 'Catholics' (yes sadly, it still Does go on).

St Paul ( a bit of a hate figure himself amongst some of the crucified guys followers ) once said 'To the pure all things are pure' - I think that this means that The Pure One will associate with anyone.

I Remember a some years ago listening to a Powerful poem written about Easter - it may have come from the Iona Community or a fellow trainee vicar - I can't remember, but perhaps someone may put me right. The refrain went along the lines of 'How far will you go, Jesus'  as each verse moved him closer to Calvary. I think the question those who scorned him asked was 'How Low will you go?' - I guess that's the question he's asking us.

His invitation may well be

Want to be clean?  Come join me in the 'Dirt'


  1. Thank you Eric. This is a very reminder that Christian Unity (which we are in a Week of Prayer for...) applies as much within our denominations as between them.

  2. Thanks for that revsimmy
    As I'm now in NZ what Week of Prayer had passed me by somewhat this year. (It may be me, but is it not what it once was, even in the UK?)
    I do wonder if especially with regard to the Media portrayal of the church these relationships aren't actually more significant. Of course all of these divisions are pretty much projections onto a wider stage of the disunity within local congregations and that is where all this has to be worked out most of the time

    Happy to make your acquaintance!

  3. LOL - Just read your blog - we both have similar impressions about the lessening of the significance of WPCU :-)